Title Volume (Number) Page
Angola's Amazing One Way Airline16 (3):60
ISPP Meetings and Gatherings85:77
Ceres Notes20 (75):11
Letter to Editor & Reply: Ceres & Papers19 (72):53
Two Postage Due Puzzles From PEA20 (75):8
Some Notes on Dom Luis I and His Times14 (4):82
New Auction Highs ('79)15 (1):11
Book Review: Mozambique: A History15 (1):12
Editor's Notes16 (1):4
ISPP News16 (1):19
New Issues ('80)16 (1):20
Editor's Notes16 (2):28
ISPP News16 (2):48
The New Issues ('81)16 (2):50
Editor's Notes16 (3):56
ISPP News16 (3):78
Portuphilibry: Literature Listing16 (3):80
The New Issues ('81)16 (3):82
More About the Angola Airmail Labels16 (4):105
Editor's Notes16 (4):107
Errata: Vol 16, Nos. 1 & 216 (4):107
New Issues ('81)16 (4):110
Editor's Notes17 (1):4
Some Further Discoveries About BaruŽ17 (1):14
The New Issues ('81)17 (1):29
Editor's Notes17 (2):36
ISPP News17 (2):60
New Issues ('82)17 (2):62
Review: Battle for the Bundu17 (2):63
Ceres Corner17 (3):88
ISPP News17 (3):90
New Issues ('82)17 (3):92
Forgery Update17 (4):101
Identifying Fournier Crown Forgeries17 (4):105
ISPP News17 (4):122
Book Reviews17 (4):125
Editor's Notes18 (1):4
A Philatelic Guide to Portugal18 (1):9
Forgery Update: Mozambique Airmails & Philosophy18 (1):14
New Earliest Date for Lisboa Datestamp18 (1):14
Souvenir Postcards for the Proclamation of Republic18 (1):20
ISPP News18 (1):27
Editor's Notes18 (2):40
ISPP News18 (2):61
Editor's Notes18 (3):76
Inhambane Carlos Mouchon on Post Card18 (3):94
Mozambique Company Centenarios Perf 11 1/2: Update18 (3):95
Cortejo Alegorico A Souvenir18 (3):96
Editor's Notes18 (4):112
Book Review: Classic Embossed Stamps of Portugal18 (4):113
ISPP News18 (4):134
Editor's Notes19 (71):4
A Census of Portuguese Telegraph Cancellations19 (71):18
ISPP News19 (71):26
Editor's Notes19 (72):36
Banana PO Angola19 (72):37
Ceres Corner: Portuguese Die Flaws19 (72):39
Updates, Corrections, Amendments19 (72):49
ISPP News19 (72):55
Portuguese Philatelic Travelog 198419 (73):68
Book Reviews: Forgeries & Maritime19 (73):85
LUBRAPEX 198419 (73):88
Editor's Notes19 (74):96
All? The Postal Markings of Ovar19 (74):105
ISPP News And Notes19 (74):110
Editor's Notes20 (75):4
When Was the First Day of Issue of Portugal No.5?20 (75):10
ISPP News20 (75):22
Editor's Notes & Announcements20 (76):32
Opinion on Monarchy of The North20 (77):68
Theories on Angolan One Way Airline20 (77):72
Postal Rates Some New Discoveries20 (77):73
Editor's Notes20 (78):92
Pre Philatelic Mozambique Cover20 (78):95
Mozambique Void Marking An Update20 (78):96
ISPP News20 (78):104
Book Review: Provisional Town Postmarks of Port.20 (78):110
Editor's Notes21 (79):4
More About BaruŽ21 (79):18
Show Reports21 (79):28
Miscellaneous Notes21 (79):33
Upcoming ISPP Meetings21 (80):41
Corrigenda on Previous Articles21 (80):50
Book Review: Brazil Revenues21 (80):53
Auction Doings: Phillips (London) & Proud Bailey('86)21 (81):84
AMERIPEX Report21 (81):86
Editor's Notes21 (82):108
The BaruŽ Bungle An Explanation21 (82):124
Book Reviews: Portuguese Ceres & Ambulancias21 (82):131
Editor's Notes83:4
The ISPP 1986 Auction -- A Report83:18
Advertisement (Port., Angola, Congo & AŤores errors)83:33
Editor's Notes84:40
Editor's Notes85:76
Advertisement (many varieties)85:108
Editor's Notes86:116
Editor's Notes87:4
What About Congo?87:20
Editor's Notes89:84
Circular Datestamps of Port. & Isles by Concelho89:93
Editor's Notes90:124
Editor's Notes91:4
Review Vieira's Hist—ria do Correio Maritimo Port.91:21
George Richard Pearson (1937-1989), an Appreciation92:40
The ISPP Cover Database -- A Computer Project92:51
You Asked About?92:58
What's Going on Here?92:62
Editor's Notes93:76
Scott's Volume 2 is Out!93:88
You Asked About?93:94
Review Marcas Postais PrŽ-Adesivas de Portugal93:96
Editor's Notes94:112
A Spectacular Pre-printing Paper Fold94:124
You Asked About?--94:131
Editor's Notes95:4
You Asked About? --95:17
Editor's Notes96:40
Editor's Notes97:76
Portuguese Postal Rates97:87
Editor's Notes98:108
Portuguese Postal Rates, Part 298:109
Portuguese Exchange Rates98:117
Editor's Notes99:4
You Asked About? --99:18
Our Active Exhibitors99:22
Editor's Notes100:36
A Couple of Cancel Problems100:44
You Asked About? --100:47
Editor's Notes101:72
Editor's Notes102:108
ISPP Expert Committee102:119
Editor's Notes103:4
Editor's Notes104:40
The Franco-Portuguese Convention of 1866104:60
Reviews of New P&C Literature104:62
Our Active Exhibitors104:67
Editor's Notes105:76
Expert Committee Report105:77
Who's Got These 8-Bars?105:96
Our Active Exhibitors105:99
Answer, Questions, and a Request105:102
Editor's Notes106:112
Where is Bateken?106:120
Our Active Exhibitors & Awardees106:133
Editor's Notes107:4
Our Active Exhibitors107:26
Editor's Notes108:36
Portuguese Postal Rates, Part 3108:37
Mozambique Company used on contemporary US cover108:41
Our Active Exhibitors108:53
Editor's Notes109:68
Editor's Notes110:100
Portuguese Postal Rates, Part 4110:102
Our Active Exhibitors & Awardees110:120
ISPP Constitution110:122
The Fall 1993 Auction Season (various houses)110:123
Review Yang's 1995 Macau Catalogue115:31
A New Machine Cancel Type?121:102
Board of Directors Meeting124:98
PNSE Report126:157
Mozamb. Co. Centenarios Perf 11?: Forgeries?18 (2):56
Fines for Carrying Letters Privately84:50
Postmarks of Timor: Corrigenda to ISPP Handb'k19 (74):107