Title Volume (Number) Page
Cereious Philately93:92
Ceres Revisited96:48
ISPP Awards Program96:60
ISPP Awards and Pins98:122
A Ceres Printing Variety100:47
Some Mysterious Ceres Varieties110:113
The ISPP Awards Program (inc. recap of winners)112:56
Watermarked Portugal Ceres?113:70
Enigma of Ceres 2c Chocolate of 1926 (Lisbon)115:25
ISPP East Coast Meeting--Report118:140
An Apocryphal Ceres Cover121:98
Review Historia do Selo Postal Portugues121:108
PNSE/SEPAD Meeting Report122:151
Report & Comments--PACIFIC 97 Meeting & Dinner124:99
A Philatelic-Numismatic Study121:92