Title Volume (Number) Page
Angola's Amazing One Way Airline16 (3):60
The Anglo Portuguese Alliance1 (2):10
Cruz Vermelha (Red Cross)1 (3):11
More About the Cruz Vermelha1 (4):8
1963 Supplement Scott's Port & Colonies Album2 (2):25
Cam›es Stamps of Portuguese Red Cross2 (3):41
Lutosa Charity Seals of Mozambique2 (3):45
INTERPEX Notes2 (4):59
Povoamento Stamps of Angola3 (2):33
Further Notes on the Red Cross "Errors"15 (2):31
1982 ISPP Auction17 (2):61
1983 ISPP Auction18 (2):60
1983 ISPP Auction Prices Realized19 (71):24
1984 ISPP Auction19 (72):54
1984 ISPP Auction Prices Realized20 (75):20
1985 ISPP Auction Prices Realized & Report21 (79):21
1986 ISPP Auction Call for Lots21 (80):54
1987 ISPP Auction - Call for Lots84:67
Call for Lots -- 1988 ISPP Auction88:67
The Inverted Centers of Nyassa--A Second Look89:85
Fall 1988 ISPP Auction Report91:22
Call for Lots--1989 ISPP Auction92:59
Fall 1989 ISPP Auction Report95:23
Call for Lots -- 1990 ISPP Auction96:67
Call for Lots--1991 Fall (ISPP) Auction99:23
Let Me Shed Some Light102:113
ISPP Auction Report - 1/4/1992103:28
Call for Lots - 1992 (ISPP) Fall Auction104:63
November 1992 ISPP Auction - Prices Realized106:127
A Provisional Post Card? (Mozambique 1900)110:112
Portugal The First Surface Printed Issue115:27
Message From the Chairman116:63
Message From the Chairman117:108
Message From the Chairman118:141
Moambique Unit Hs Markings of WWI117:78
Portuguese Philatelic Literature Part I3 (4):66
Portuguese Philatelic Literature Part II4 (1):13
Portuguese Philatelic Literature Part III4 (2):29
Fines for Carrying Letters Privately84:50