Title Volume (Number) Page
Luis Camoens and His Lusiads Part I8 (3):36
Luis Camoens and His Lusiads Part II8 (4):52
Luis Camoens and His Lusiads Part III9 (1):4
Addenda to the Embossed Stamps of the Company9 (3):45
Mozambique Company "Nullo" Postal Stationery9 (4):52
1906 District PO's of Port. East Africa Part I10 (1):10
Mozambique Company CTO's10 (1):11
1906 District PO's of Port. East Africa Part II10 (2):35
Sčo Jočo Baptista D'Ajuda (St. Thomas & Prince)10 (3):45
1906 District PO's of Port. East Africa Part III10 (3):55
Chinde (Mozambique) Part I11 (3):52
1976 ISPP Mail Auction11 (3):63
Chinde (Mozambique) Part II11 (4):84
Chinde (Mozambique) Part III12 (1):12
Devaluation Date of Mozambique Company Stamps14 (1):5
1980 ISPP Mail Auction15 (2):24
1979 ISPP Auction Summary and Prices Realized15 (2):33
Mozambique Co. Postal Sta. Use "Outside" the Co.15 (4):72
1980 ISPP Auction Prices Realized16 (2):44
1981 ISPP Mail Auction16 (2):49
Mozambique Company Paid Handstamps: Further Notes16 (4):102
ISPP Dues Increase16 (4):109
1981 ISPP Auction Prices Realized17 (2):57
President's Message17 (4):101
President's Message18 (3):98
Dues, Dos and Don'ts (Mozambique Company)20 (76):41
Cčo and His Padrões Further Notes21 (80):49
Companhia de Moćambique: Postal History of WWI21 (82):109
The St. Anthony's Forgeries of Port. East Africa84:41
Companhia do Nyassa Postal History Aspects85:88
Companhia do Nyassa Postal History Aspects86:120
The Marromeu Mandate86:143
1988 [ISPP] West Coast Auction Report90:143
Call for Lots -- Spring 1991 ISPP Auction98:113
Review Mashona Potatoes & Gravy99:16
"Visita Presidencial" O/ps, Comp. de Moćambique100:49
1991 (ISPP) West Coast Auction Report101:93
"Visita Presidencial" O/ps, Comp. de Moćambique103:5
Reply to "From the Huggins Collection" (Moz. Co.)106:134
Last Philatelic Hurrahs of Companhia de Moćambique108:42
Last Philatelic Hurrahs of Companhia de Moćambique109:69
Editor's Notes111:4
Censored in Inhambane111:10
The 1932-34 Colonial Ceres111:12
Review Selos Postais das Ex-Colonias Port. 1994111:22
1913-14 Colonial Ceres Plate Varieties112:42
Editor's Notes113:68
More Surcharged Macau Crowns (1887)113:72
1913-14 Colonial Ceres Plate Varieties (part 2)113:75
Call for Lots - 1995 Spring Auction113:91
Editor's Notes114:100
Script Surcharged Macau Crowns114:108
1913-14 Colonial Ceres Plate Varieties114:124
Editor's Notes115:4
Editor's Notes116:40
Editor's Notes117:76
Comp. Moćambique Chronology 1st Postal Stationery117:94
Macau Notes on the First Airmails117:106
Editor's Notes118:120
Macau Notes on the First Airmails118:121
Call for Lots - 1996 Spring Auction118:149
Editor's Notes119:4
Lourenćo Marques The 1918 Semi-Postals119:30
Editor's Notes120:44
Peregrinations on the Peninsula120:45
Lourenćo Marques The 1918 Semi-Postals (Part 2)120:52
Editor's Notes121:88
Luck of the Bourse Moćambique Company & Zambezia121:94
Call for Lots - 1997 Spring Auction121:111
Editor's Notes122:124
Review Carreira Para Angola122:125
To Darling Baby, Love From P.E.A.122:129
Editor's Notes123:4
Angola 1932-34 Ceres Plate Variety Update123:7
Angola 1932-34 Ceres Printing & Paper Vars. Update123:9
Interdistrict Stamp Usage in Portuguese East Africa123:10
Editor's Notes124:60
Editor's Notes125:112
Call for Lots - 1998 Spring Auction125:133
Chiloane The Way We Were125:135
Editor's Notes126:152
Surcharged Macau Crowns (1885) (112:36
Review A History of the Aćores Islands (112:55
1932-34 Colonial Ceres Update (113:84
Demise of Port. India, POW Markings (115:5
Macau The Local and Lisbon REPUBLICA's (116:60
Again Portuguese India (116:64
Fascists of the World Unite (118:134
ISPP Library Notes (118:143
Moćambique Unit Handstamp Markings of WWI, 2 (119:16
A Moćambique(?) Straightline Mystery (122:126
Moćambique Unit Hs of WWI -- Part IV (122:147
Review Stanley Gibbons Cat. Part 9 (4th ed.) (122:154
ISPP Library Additions (123:34
ISPP Spring 1997 Auction Catalog (123:38
Spring 1997 ISPP Auction Flagrant Filatelic Fiasco (124:104
A "Lisbonne" Datestamp (126:177
Mozambique Co.: Plate Varieties 1935 Airmails18 (2):41
A Mozambique Company Bibliography10 (2):25
Pd. Handstamps of Mozambique Co. (Addendum)15 (3):49
Moćambique Unit Hs Markings of WWI117:78
Companhia de Moćambique Numerical Obliterators114:101